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Updated my page - New Flash game?

2008-09-30 15:38:39 by Omega-Weapon

So, I updated my page with a Hotel Dusk: Room 215 theme. It's a game for the Nintendo DS. It's more of an interactive story book than a game, but whatever, basically, it's an awesome experience. I recommend anyone with a DS and an interest in a good story line to get it.

On another note, I may make another Flash game/interactive story, similiar to "Don't Look Back...".

If anyone has any thoughts about what should be put in it, I'm all open to suggestions.

I'm not very experienced with Flash, so something spectacular is way out of the question.


Also, say hi to Spaghetti Cat.

Updated my page - New Flash game?


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2009-04-08 14:21:35

I feel that I can't allow you to go without comments any longer.

Omega-Weapon responds:

Thank you?

Some actual criticism about my post would have been nice.